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Sistema di Controllo visivo per Cordenpharma

The Case History of the project for Cordenpharma is the newest, especially in terms of content and products installed. For them we created a new system to control the liquids inside the vials, together with a system for the rejection management

Cordenpharma is a leading multinational company in the development and production of drugs.

This past year they approached us to modernise an old line, not only by installing a machine vision system, but also by inserting a complete transport machine that would support: separation, rotation and ejection of the vials.

The vision system required for the control of liquids in vials was a new challenge for us. We enthusiastically accepted this request and took the opportunity to create a new product that would meet a widespread need in the pharmaceutical industry.



Cordenpharma’s old line needed a new vial control system, which we developed specifically for this project, as well as a rejection management system. Working together with our partners we realised the complete machine, not only the vision systemISOCAP was born.

What is ISOCAP? 

ISOCAP is a system that performs morphological, level and label presence and finish checks, in particular the typical flaming check is performed on vials, while on bottles the seal integrity check.

Anti-mixing checks are also carried out by checking colour codes.

We were able to develop the liquid control system and successfully install it on the line, minimising downtime during assembly and testing.

We now have a new and tested product that meets a widespread need in the pharmaceutical industry.

For us at RETINÆ, accepting new challenges is often a winning choice, both professionally and personally.



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