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Is the RETINAE’s system for three-dimensional pick & place for objects that are not separated on the gripping plane.

VISIOROBOT3D is the RETINAE’s system for three-dimensional pick & place for objects that are not separated on the gripping plane. The possibility to pick bulk items let an extreme simplification of mechanics and automation in every processing, transport and packaging application. The system communicates work pieces coordinates via Ethernet or serial starting from the higher and/or accessible to the grip ones, the analysis is done by stereo acquisition of the gripping area image to extract three-dimensional information of the objects.

Vision station has standard industrial lights because the software, with images elaboration, can eliminate reflections or spurious external sources interference. On automatic cycle system synchronises with automation and as objects are consumed communicates griping objects position. If no griping object is present, automation can intervene with shuffling or adding new objects.

Formats creation is automatic: user is guided to indicate griping point and to confirm the format. Retention considers objects variability and let to partly tolerate presence of burrs, reflections, color shades and slight variations in the form of non rigid objects. In the event of many formats it’s possible to add a classifier tool; reliable is guaranteed by format verification function that checks every identified object. The system can integrate quality control functions: identified and oriented objects can be inspected for completeness, color and defectiveness check up.

VISIOROBOT3D is the flexible system to check griping of overlapping and not separated objects.



  • Maximum angular resolution ± 6′
  • Coordinates resolution (max divisions) 1/5000
  • Pick cadence 90 pcs/min

Software features:

  • Remotable user GUI on other ethernet PC
  • Online guided help
  • English/Italian/user’s mother tongue alerts
  • Customizable alerts
  • Self learning formats
  • Variability in production tolerance
  • Optical deformations compensation
  • Ambient light operation
  • Teleservice tool
  • Variable reference system (offset to manage difficult machine positions)
  • Rigid objects geometric algorithm (mechanics)
  • Morphological analysis algorithm for flowpacks, bag, deformable package products


  • Objects classifier
  • Axes and pliers direct control
  • Up to 4 vision stations
  • Quality check