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Is the colour system for inspecting blistered products.

ISOBLISTER is the colour system for inspecting blistered products. A self-learning procedure developed by Ratinae, facilitates the creation of new formats. The system checks the conformity of the product within the cavities, stray particles or other discrepancies. The ISOBLISTER color analyser allows the selection of double color capsules and multicolor tablets in the same blister that can be in aluminium, white opaque PP/PVC, transparent or colored PP/PVC, without affecting the analysis of the product.

The software was developed focusing on ease of use and reliability. The interface is specifically designed for the use on touch screens and for remote control. Supported languages, in addition to English and Italian, include those based on non-Latin alphabets. A diagnostic program checks automatically the camera’s position, focus and sensitivity.


  • Product presence/absence
  • Product entirety
  • Double product presence
  • Foreign body presence
  • Stray particles presence
  • Cracks control an tablet
  • Product stain control
  • Colour control
  • Alucode
  • Tablets
  • Capsules
  • Jellies
  • Multicolor tablets
  • Double color capsules
  • Multicolor jellies
  • Aluminium foil
  • Transparent PP/PVC
  • White opaque PP/PVC
  • Coloured transparent PP/PVC
  • FDA 21CFR part 11 compliance
  • GUI for touch screen
  • Multilanguage interface
  • Remote manageable GUI
  • Standard I/O synchronization for continuous or step machines
  • Self-learning work formats
  • Audit trail recording of all operations
  • Product tracking management
  • CPU Panel or Chassis PC MultiCore
  • Display touchscreen
  • GigaEthernet RGB24 camera
  • LED illuminator format adjustable
  • I/O real time with shift register management
  • Field framed up to 300×150
  • Frame rate: typical 4 Hz
  • System resolution 150 micron
  • Multi-channel management