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The RETINAE’s system for pick & place.

AUTOPLACE is the RETINAE’s system for pick & place. The system communicates workpiece coordinates according to the various type of coordinates to fit automation geometry. With classifier option, the code associated with the format is also communicated. Standard configuration is in industrial basket, Ethernet connected with control. Software is developed to be easy to use and modular; user’s interface is multilingual. On start-up an auto-diagnostic tool check focus, lights, and camera position with no user supervision. Work parameters for all blister formats are set by a self-learning procedure, for an easy new formats set-up.

On automatic cycle the system acquires from control the pieces in position signal and image acquisition, this can be done every time a piece disposal variation is suspect. Formats creation is simply and intuitive because system guides the user with specific help texts. The user indicates gripping point and the system can individually get rotation information; user can confirm created format avoiding to enter or change extrapolated numeric data. Motorized optic let to optimize the field of view varying the workpiece distance without moving the camera.

This is possible because of sophisticated optical deformation recovery that let to maintain camera close to the pieces to frame without prejudice geometric elaboration performance. Options includes direct control of the robot’s axes and the gripper. In the case of multiple formats a classifier is available, to automatic select the machine working program.

AUTOPLACE is the most flexible system for pick & place.


Standard Features


  • Coarse angular resolution ± 1º
  • Accurate angular resolution ± 6′
  • Pick cadence 300 pzcs/ min

Software features:

  • Default configuration
  • On line help
  • English/Italian/user’s mother tongue alerts
  • Custom alerts
  • Self-learning formats
  • Burrs tolerance (in orientation and check)
  • Optical deformations recovery
  • Control of motorized optic to optimize the field of view
  • Ambient light operation
  • Teleservice tool
  • Angular calibration on template to use formats on several stations
  • Variable reference system (offset to manage difficult machine positions)


  • Objects classifier
  • Direct control of axes and pliers
  • Up to 4 vision stations
  • “Tracking” station
  • Pick & place quality control
  • Touch-screen TFT panel
  • Optoinsulated 24VDC NPN/PNP connections