Quality Control Systems for Fresenius – Biomedical sector

6 Nov 2023

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Sistemi di Controllo Qualità per Fresenius - Settore Biomedicale

This project involved us in the biomedical sector instead of the classic pharmaceutical sector. RETINÆ installed a quality control system for Fresenius as part of an existing set of vision systems.

In particular, the subject of the inspection concerned particularly delicate products, i.e. valves for blood filters inside “implantable devices” in the human body.

The challenge in this case was twofold:

1) We had to fit into a structure of vision systems already present on the line, as the supplier of the system would not have been able to provide a quality control system for filter inspection, which is so specific and delicate.

2) We still had to calibrate our quality control product for a very high precision biomedical purpose. It is true that V-BASE, our dedicated system, has the ability to easily adapt to any requirement, but we are still talking about a very important and complex application case.



After a preliminary study and some adaptation works, we began to install our V-BASE system on the Fresenius line.

What is V-BASE?

It is a system for quality control using artificial vision. The strength of this product lies in the fact that it can be easily adapted to any sector of application and can perform various functions, all of which can be ascribed to product control (defect detection, integrity control, assembly control, etc.).

In a short time and in a rather easy way, we were able to install V-BASE on the Fresenius line, inserting it without creating imbalances between the other vision systems already assembled.

The interesting opportunity of this project was to be able to work in a stimulating sector such as the biomedical one and it was also very exciting for another reason: to experience the combined action of vision systems installed by different suppliers on the same line.


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