A new challenge: Inspection Systems on transparent capsules

11 Nov 2023

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Sistemi di Ispezione su capsule trasparenti

For the pharmaceutical company XXK, we had to deal with a very special case. At the time, we were testing the functioning of a machine at a customer; in a neighbouring company, the same thing was happening on another blister control line. Specifically, this was a machine to be delivered the following week, but because of the malfunctioning, there was the risk of not being able to deliver it in time. The inspection system was unable to work properly on transparent capsules containing a powdered drug.

Working on transparent capsules is very complex for a vision system, because the system tends to check the product contained in the capsule rather than the capsule itself. 

RETINÆ was contacted by XXK to solve the problem and given the situation, our task should have had a dual function: to install a system capable of correctly identifying the transparent powders and to do it in the shortest possible time in order to maintain the pre-established delivery.



Since this was an inspection of blisters, we chose to use our standard ISOBLISTER system, which, thanks to its extreme versatility, also solved the case of transparent capsules containing very small amounts of powder.


It is a blister product inspection system that checks the compliance of drugs inside the cavities and also verifies that the outer surface is free of foreign bodies.

At the end of the installation and of the test phase, the ISOBLISTER integrated perfectly into the control procedure, responding positively to the first attempt and correctly detecting the transparent powders. The machine was ready for assembly on the XXK laboratory line.

Once again, our flexibility and the quality of our products allowed us to intervene promptly in a particularly difficult and insidious case, potentially full of unforeseen events.



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