Blister Inspection Systems for Procemsa, a “real time” replacement

9 Nov 2023

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Sistemi di Ispezione Blister per Procemsa

RETINÆ’s Case History with Procemsa tells the story of a pressing need: the need to replace a stopped machine as quickly as possible. The competitor system previously in use had suddenly stopped working, so we had to intervene immediately and replace it with our blister inspection system.

Farmaceutici Procemsa is specialised in the third-party production of nutraceuticals, natural food supplements and cosmetics. On the market since 1993, the company has developed products and collaborated with the world’s leading multinationals, such as Bayer, J&J, Pfizer, Bausch & Lomb, Angelini, Menarini, Equilibra and Sigma Tau.

We first came into contact with Procemsa in 2019, following an emergency at their Turin plant where a stopped machine would not be repaired before the end of the Christmas holidays (as the breakdown had occurred in the very days of the end of the year).

Rapid action was needed.

Since RETINÆ’s structure is capable of being flexible and prompt in handling individual critical issues, we were able to help the customer by intervening immediately on the fault.



The previously installed machine was dedicated to the inspection of blister of drugs on the line. Having found it at a standstill and unable to restart operation in short time, we intervened by installing ISOBLISTER, our product dedicated to blister inspection


It is a blister product inspection system that checks the compliance of drugs inside the cavities and also verifies that the outer surface is free of foreign bodies

In a very short time the line was back at full capacity. 

Having to stop production at a time of high demand like Christmas can cause big losses for a company. It was therefore not acceptable for the downtime to last so long simply because it happened during a holiday period. 

One of the advantages of RETINÆ, is the ability to guarantee remarkably rapid intervention, even at the most critical times of the year. Being flexible is a point of strength, especially when a customer has a problem for which he cannot wait.



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