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5 Nov 2023

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Lozy's Pharmaceutical - Sistemi di Visione Retinae su più linee

Lozy’s Pharmaceutical is a Spanish pharmaceutical company of international importance, very projected towards the future. We at RETINÆ have had the opportunity to work with them through a partnership that has involved us with the activation of 2 series of vision systems to be installed on 2 different lines. Once again, the colours of the drugs played a fundamental role in the problem to be solved.

The problem this time was the colour of a candy (an oral care product) which had the same colour as the packaging: white. Such a similarity can cause several problems during in-line checking: the machine may not notice that a candy is missing from the blister, or it may miss anomalies in shapesize, etc.

Our task was to avoid this on two production lines with our vision systems.



Since the products to be inspected were blisters, our first choice was ISOBLISTER, our leading product dedicated to the inspection of these products.


It is a blister product inspection system that checks the compliance of drugs inside the cavities and also verifies that the outer surface is free of foreign bodies.


We also chose to use M-TRACK: it is a system that controls the traceability and the labelling of the drug cartons, designed to limit the overall dimensions and to ensure the maximum printing and transporting performance of the carton in line.

What is M-TRACK?

M-TRACK is a system that controls the traceability and labelling of drug cartons, designed to reduce space requirements and to guarantee maximum performance in printing and transporting the carton in line

It is a product that guarantees high standards in terms of packaging speed, maintaining the possibility of error almost equal to zero, thanks to the integrated command and control functions.

M-TRACK interfaces with an ERP system for SAP environments with SOAP interfaces to maximise traceability and data security. 

From the results of this control system through the years, we have learnt that a well-designed serialisation avoids loss of productivity, which would otherwise be certain.

The vision systems installed on both lines were able to detect the white drug on a white background without any problems. 

We have created systems for a great variety of applications and we have improved and enhanced them to make them applicable to very complex cases such as the one of Lozy’s. This is why we often find ourselves working on lines that will then be assembled in factories belonging to major international groups. 

Our flexibility and our ability to respond to individual cases were, once again, on of our main strengths.


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