Vision Systems for LAMP Pharmaceuticals: a long and prosperous partnership

10 Nov 2023

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Sistemi di Visione per LAMP Pharmaceuticals

Our collaboration with LAMP Pharmaceuticals (a leading pharmaceutical packaging company) has been going on for 10 years. This partnership has become a sort of “laboratory” for the development and implementation of new in-line controls, through Vision Systems designed specifically for the needs of the pharmaceutical industry.

It all started when LAMP needed to install a vision control system on a new blister packaging line.



After a successful negotiation as a result of the price-performance ratio of our products, we started with the installation of the ISOBLISTER.


It is a blister product inspection system that checks the compliance of drugs inside the cavities and also verifies that the outer surface is free of foreign bodies.

The one developed for LAMP was our first officially released ISOBLISTER Inspection System. It became the starting point for an evolution in which we are still investing.

The result today is an inspection system capable of meeting all of our customers’ most current requirements, including the regulatory aspect.


This first (successful) installation was followed by others, among which: ARGOLABEL.



ARGOLABEL is a code verification system that checks the correct packaging of the medicine, avoiding mix-ups of parts of the packaging (box, leaflet, etc.) belonging to different products.

This function is very important because it can guarantee a safe result both for the health of the consumer and for the legal protection of the company.

RETINÆ also installs ARGOLABEL on lines that are already in operation, guaranteeing minimal machine downtime.

In general, this working methodology is typical of our modus operandi, as we always try to intervene with the least possible impact on production rhythms.


What is M-Track? 

M-TRACK is a system that controls the traceability and labelling of drug cartons, designed to reduce space requirements and to guarantee maximum performance in printing and transporting the carton in line

It is a product that guarantees high standards in terms of packaging speed, maintaining the possibility of error almost equal to zero, thanks to the integrated command and control functions.

M-TRACK interfaces with an ERP system for SAP environments with SOAP interfaces to maximise traceability and data security. 

From the results of this control system through the years, we have learnt that a well-designed serialisation avoids loss of productivity, which would otherwise be certain.

These 3 vision systems combined together on the same line are able to guarantee a complete control of the drug packaging.

We are proud to have been able to contribute to the growth of such an important company in the sector, which today has a large group active in more than 45 countries worldwide. Our collaboration with LAMP has given origin to a bilateral growth, starting from real needs, allowing us to evolve the Artificial Vision Systems progressively improving the control of LAMP’s in-line drug packaging.



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